Effective Wildlife Removal Service

Grey-squirrel-by-Rob-ParryHiring The Best In The Business For Wildlife Removal

Most of us have gone through wildlife removal at some point in our lives. Wildlife removal is actually a good thing. It takes care of your infestations, while not having any of the animals harmed. So it’s a good thing. In reality though, you have to pick and choose the ones you hire. The key to hiring a Snake removal Salt Lake City company is to ensure that their services support the Human Society Act. If it doesn’t, you are going to be very sorry.


Here are some guidelines to follow…..

Ask For A Written Estimate And Evaluation 

Do not go by the number the company quotes you on the phone. Have the person come out to your home and do the inspection. If they tell you they don’t do this, then you don’t need them. Hang up. Find another company.

The company needs to come out and do an on-site inspection. It’s the only way to get a proper reading. It’s the only way to properly get a breakdown of all costs. Once the person does give you the breakdown of all costs, discuss it with him/her. Ask about any hidden fees. If there are any, ask to know about them right away.

If the company is coming from the Humane Society, the company will be very diligent about doing all of this.

Ask For The Following….

  • What types of animals have been coming in? Ask for a description of the animal and what their purpose is/was.
  • What entry points have been used so far? What entry points could be used in the future?
  • What about offspring? Is there the potential for this to happen? Has it already happened?
  • How did this person find out these answers? Ask to know about the different methods that were used to determine the findings.

Most genuine Humane Society Wildlife Removal companies will be more than willing and happy to answer these questions for you.

Get Specifics On The Resolution

This is something that must be done. You must find out how company intends to deal with the problem. Find out how the company will handle the animals. Some companies will kill them. Others will merely set them free. Find out which company you are dealing with. How they deal with the situation could impact your beliefs. If you can’t live with a company who will flat out kill the animals, then maybe you should be working with that company.

Some Closing Thoughts On Your Search For A Good Wildlife Removal Service


Find out how the company will handle this problem, if it comes up again. Find out their true preventative methods before signing the contract. Make sure there is at least a one-year warranty attached, if not more then that.

Look out for unethical practices that might come up before signing the contract too. Never sign an open-ended clause. This is where the company can charge for any and all trappings of animals that come across your property. This is wrong and illegal. If you see this, send the company packing.

You might also want to get referrals from others that have used the company services. You also need to make sure they are licensed. If they are not bonded and licensed, then it all falls back on you.